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Rezidence OSTROVNÍ originated after the sensitive reconstruction of a historic burger’s house from the 19th century. The exclusive owner of Rezidence Ostrovní is
S-PROPERTY s.r.o., a Czech development company focusing on high-quality residential living, real estate activities and real estate administration in the area of the capital city of Prague.

The first project in the field of residential living was the
Nad Bohemkou compound, where, by revitalising the existing buildings in a beautiful location near Gröbovka Park, 93 dwelling units and underground parking places were made available for sale, exclusively arranged by the real estate department of

The flagship project and the pride of S-PROPERTY s.r.o. is the Rezidence Ostrovní project, where, at an exclusive address in Prague 1, ten above-standard, fully equipped rental apartments were created by a sensitive reconstruction, providing for the maximum comfort of the accommodated guests. Of no lesser importance is the attractive Stone Hall in the cellar of the Rezidence, suitable for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, wedding banquets and other occasions when the hosts want to surprise their guests by choosing unhackneyed and unusual premises with a unique atmosphere in the historic centre of Prague.

The development projects of S-PROPERTY s.r.o. focus on revitalisation of inner city neighbourhoods and on refurbishment of the existing buildings, not on building up the green areas on the outskirts of the city. All projects of the company are designed in such a way as to be as much in harmony with the existing buildings as possible and to make the city centre an even more attractive place to live. A special emphasis is put on the thorough selection of the location, with a rich and developed infrastructure and public facilities.

With the same endeavour as shown with our own real estate, we also administer, via our subsidiary CEBYT a.s., the real estate of our clients, which include housing associations, flat-owners unions, and legal and natural entities.

In 2009, both companies moved their registered seat to the address Rezidence Ostrovní, Ostrovní 222/8, 110 00 Praha 1.

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