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With its unique atmosphere, the Stone Hall at Rezidence Ostrovní is an ideal choice for corporate parties, birthday celebrations, wedding banquets, auctions, press conferences, as well as concerts, exhibitions etc. Degustation events and other presentations have a special style when done in the Stone Hall.


Apart from renting the premises, we also provide reception and cloakroom services, audio-visual equipment attendance.


You are in no way limited in selecting your caterer. You can select a caterer with which you have had an excellent experience or we can recommend a caterer to you whose food looks exquisite and tastes even better.


As standard, the Stone Hall is equipped with the following professional AV equipment:

  • projection screen 2.4 m x 2.4m,WiFi video-data projector, speakers, microphones, DVD/HDD recorder, AV receiver
  • the aforementioned equipment can be complemented at a client’s request with further additional equipment











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